The principal activity of the Company is to acquire interests of not less than 25% and up to 50% or more in established and operating businesses with the following criteria:Profitable businesses where the existing owners are wishing to exit over time due to retirement or other reasons: This is the principal offering of the Company and is intended to facilitate the transition of an existing business owner to retirement or to another business or for any other purpose more easily.

In these cases the Company will acquire an initial minority interest and train a replacement and the vendor will be on an earn-out program to final exit in favour of the Company and the trainee who will partner the Company in the continued operation of the business.

Existing businesses where the owner of the business wishes to expand the business and does not have the necessary or desirable resources and/or working capital and/or requires services of the Company and its existing associates to expand in size, geographically within Australia or internationally. In these cases the Company after approval of the strategy and agreement will acquire a minority interest in the business and in conjunction with the skills and services of the existing business owner assist the business owner implement the strategy and development program with the backing and resources the Company can provide.

The Company will also invest in a limited number of businesses in start-up accelerator phase which are compatible with the present activities and objectives of the Company and which would add benefit to those activities